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Mission and Vision





To transform high potential individuals into creative, financially adept, socially responsible global leaders.




To become the top MBA program in China.



>>>Global Vision



Our students have good international communication skills, are familiar with international business rules, and can analyze the domestic and foreign business environments with a global context.


>>>Creativity and innovation



Our students can solve new problems with creative methods. They should take initiatives to bring about necessary changes.


>>>Financial adept:



A result from the advantages formed in the long-term development of the school, consistent with the trend of China moving to the capital era.


>>>Social responsibility



Our students shall have a spirit of entrepreneurship, strictly abide by business ethics,establish a sense of social responsibility and mission, and promote the coordinated progress of business civi-lization and economic society.





CUFE MBA students should use their knowledge and expertise to lead teams to develop inno-vative solutions to business issues.


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