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Events and Awards




In September 2003, the MBA Education Center of the Central University of Finance and Economics was established.

In June 2004, enroll the first MBA students.

In June 2009, through the qualified assessment of the National MBA Education steering Committee, the results ranked first in the group.

In September 2010, it was approved by the Ministry of Education as the national (MBA) education comprehensive reform pilot college (18/236), is the only financial and economic colleges and universities.

In March 2011, the International Association of Elite Business Schools (AACSB) formally accepted the Central University of Finance and Economics as its member.

In June 2011, the International MBA (IMBA), was set up to admit the first batch of IMBA students and Japanese students.

In September 2011, it officially obtained the (AMBA) international certification of the British Business Administration Association, becoming the eighth AMBA certified member in mainland China and the first AMBA certified member in Beijing.

In December 2012, merged with the former business school to form the new Central University of Finance and Economics Business School.

In December 2013, it passed the pilot acceptance of the comprehensive reform of (MBA) education for the National Master of Business Administration of the Ministry of Education.

In June 2014, through the AMBA re-international certification.

In October 2015, he took the lead in setting up the major direction of finance and big data marketing in domestic colleges and universities.

In December 2015, the international GTMBA  (Global Trilateral MBA Certificate ), which was jointly established by the Business School of the Central University of Finance and Economics, the Howard University Business School of the United States and the Gordon Business School of the University of Pretoria, South Africa, was officially established.

In May 2016, a centralized (FMBA) class for financial management was set up.

In June 2017, (CAMEA), certified by China's high-quality MBA education, became the 15th (side by side) accredited MBA training institution.


In October 2018, the first advisory committee of CUFE Business School was established.                                            







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