Julia Sloan
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Julia Sloan

Principal,Sloan International Inc.

International MBA Faculty,Columbia University



05/2001,Columbia University,Organizational Leadership/Management,PhD in Organizational Leadership Development

05/1989,Yale University,School of Business,Master of MBA in MPA

05/1986,University of Alaska,School of Education Administration,Master of Education Administration

05/1979, Music School,BM, Bachelor of Music


Courses(MBA):Strategic Management


Main research fields:Strategic Thinking Research



1,11/2015,2016-1017,Two Influential Factors on the Complex and Conceptual Cognitive Development of Strategic Thinking:

Metaphor and Drawing Columbia University and NY Public Library Research Division,Institutional funding

2,08/2011,2012-2014,A Critical Study of the Comparison of Underlying Cognitions Required to Develop the Capabilities of

Strategic Thinking,Consortium of Next-Generation,Energy and Environmental Resources,Corporate funding Journal



Sloan,J.TBD Harvard Business Review,Forthcoming, Nov, 2017

Sloan,J. TBD Forbes,Forthcoming,Nov, 2017

Sloan,J. TBD Strategy and Business,Forthcoming, Oct, 2017

Sloan,J. TBD AMBA,Ambition,Forthcoming, Nov, 2017

Sloan,J. Strategic Thinking: Learning to Play the Other Side of the Strategy Coin,Strategic Account Management Association,

Velocity ,Vol. 13, No. 3, 2011

Sloan,J. Strategic Thinking: Gain the Leader’s Advantage,International Leadership Association, Leadership Excellence,Vol. 30,

No. 12, Dec. 2013


Honors and Awards:

2009,National University of Singapore, Faculty Excellence Award

2013,Digital Insight Innovation Conference,Ahead-of-the-Curve Award

2014,Silicon Valley Start-up Consortium,Innovative Influencer Award

2015,Dubai Government,Ministry of InteriorInnovative Thought Leader Award

2016-2017,Columbia University and NY Public Library Researcher in Residency Fellowship



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